Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For serenity

All-powerful God,

Your beloved son was able to calm the tumultuous waters with one commanding instruction.  Surely, you power is immense and your omnipotence proven and timeless.

I ask you today for the ability to remain serene and calm even when the torrents that surround me seemed poised to drown and engulf me without escape or recourse.  Allow me to see the clarity and purity of the water as a cleansing agent, as a prism through which I can see your image and your will for my life.

Give me the equanimity to understand that only in struggle can I truly discover my strengths and capacity, while reveling in your mercy and presence; you are by my side even when I may not realize how present you really are in every single step and twist.

Thank you for being such a font of encouragement and support - my rock, my deliverer.


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