Saturday, February 12, 2011

For those whose life ends unexpectedly

Giver of life,

In you life itself has its origin.  Indeed you are the wellspring of all living organisms that inhabit the earth.  As the chief architect of this matter, it should be your call when a particular life should eclipse.
However, there are times when other living creatures decide that they need to usurp that role from you.
Tonight I pray for those people who, possessed by the most visceral of emotions - anger, retribution, envy, contempt - decide to end the life of another, with confounding violence and malignity.  I pray for their damaged hearts and perturbed minds.  I also pray for those who must endure a shattering loss, surprisingly and devastatingly.  May you provide consolation; may they find solace and ultimately restoration and security that you have embraced and welcomed their loved one amidst the chaos and uncertainty.


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